Hello Pizza Partner!

Congratulations, you have taken the first step to a new business opportunity.

Who are we?

We are a private label supplier of frozen pizzas in South Africa. We supply you with ready made frozen pizzas in a variety of flavours that can be sold at a profitable margin to your customers. The pizzas can be sold frozen with your brand label or baked in your restaurant and served piping hot to customers.

How does it work?

We manufacture and supply frozen pizzas in bulk to chain stores, restaurants, schools, canteens and hospitals. Our supply prices are more competitive than the cost of manufacturing the pizza yourself or buying off the shelf from other local suppliers. Because we manufacture in bulk, we can ensure consistency of taste and a high quality end product. We also supply pizzas that meet the strict requirements of vegetarians, vegans and Halaal customers (ICSA certified).

Pizzas are priced according to their flavour and a simple pizza like a Margharita is cheaper than a pizza with lots of toppings like a Meaty Supreme. On average you can work on a cost of R25 per 25 cm sized pizza for your business plan (see Product Range).

These can be sold in the following formats:
(1) Frozen without private label (eg. bulk sales)
(2) Frozen without your brand label (we will provide the labels for you)
(3) Baked in your kitchen and served in your restaurant
(4) Baked in your kitchen and collected by the customer
(5) Baked in your kitchen and delivered to the the customer

You will also get a FREE ONLINE STORE to start your business

What do I need?

To get started all you need is a freezer to store the pizzas (see Equipment page)

How do I get started?

Call your Pizza Partner NOW on 084-0225-786 or 084-786-1602

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